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Anticipation is Half of the Seduction

Helen Grogan, Christopher Boots, Shannon May Powell, Honey Long + Prue Stent, Kathleen Campone, Isabella Whāwhai Waru, Euphemia Russell

5–21 Dec 2018

Anticipation is Half of the Seduction is an exhibition that considers the heightened states of being that exist between sites of release and resistance. Whether it be found in the tension between consenting bodies or the impact of colliding objects, the dynamic movement that exists between the attraction and repulsion of energy is everywhere. Considered through artworks that both document and demonstrate through choreography, photography, sculpture and light, Anticipation is Half of the Seduction examines the uncontrollable forces of our emotions and nature.

Onsite, Exhibition, Talk, Performance, Publication, Emerging Curator

The 2018 Emerging Curator Mentor program was focused on curatorial research and the development of an exhibition at Blindside.

Homage Collage: Live Performance: 6 Dec 2018, 6:30am–7am
Opening: 6 Dec 2018, 7am–9am
Homage Collage: Live Performance: 8 Dec 2018, 3am–3:30am
Consent of Seduction: Artist Talk: 8 Dec 2018, 3:30am–4am

This program takes place on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded - this land is stolen land. We pay respects to Wurundjeri Elders, past, present and emerging, to the Elders from other communities and to any other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who might encounter or participate in the program.

5:30-6:00pm, Thursday 6 December, 2018

HOMAGE COLLAGE: Live Action Performance by Helen Grogan, with Isabella Whāwhai Waru + Kathleen Campone

2:00-3:00pm, Saturday 8 December, 2018

HOMAGE COLLAGE: Live Action Performance by Helen Grogan, with Isabella Whāwhai Waru + Kathleen Campone

Consent of Seduction: Artist Talk with Isabella Whāwhai Waru & Kathleen Campone facilitated by Jonathan Homsey


Micro-(bial) Tenancies
Micro-(bial) Tenancies
Onsite, Exhibition, Performance, Emerging Curator

24 Feb–13 Mar 2021

Micro-(bial) Tenancies

110% (Kieran Bryant, Beth Dillon + Lachlan Herd), Beth Sometimes, Debris Facility Pty Ltd, Sarita Gálvez, Stefanie Hessler, Kate Hill, Isadora Vaughan

Connecting in the Grey Zone
IE.-BS, Connecting in the Grey Zones, curated by Anador Walsh, installation at Blindside. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Nick James Archer.
Onsite, Exhibition, Emerging Curator

5–20 Dec 2019

Connecting in the Grey Zone

Jess Gall + Rebecca Jensen, Arini Byng, Eugene Choi, Ivey Wawn, Angela Goh, Isabella Hone-Saunders, ie.-bs

Bea Rubio-Gabriel, 'listen', 2021, performance documentation still, 04:41min. Courtesy of the artist.
Opening 8 Dec
Onsite, Exhibition, Emerging Curator

8–18 Dec 2021

Flow Emerging Curator Mentorship 2021

Aida Azin, Zia Atahi, Tessa-May Chung, Charlie Kol, Leonie Leivenzon/Future Histories Project, John Oh

B-SIDE 2020
B-SIDE 2020
Onsite, Exhibition, B-SIDE

4–14 Nov 2020

B-SIDE 2020

Haydn Allen, Manisha Anjali, Georgia Anson, Skye Malu Baker, Phoebe Beard, Olga Bennett, Seth Birchall, Kate Bohunnis, Nicole Breedon, John Brooks, Rachel Button, Lori Camarata, Lara Chamas, Andrew Clapham, Mig Dann, Tildy Davis, Ara Dolatian, Lauren Dunn, Majed Fayad, MJ Flamiano, Jacquie Owers Gayst, Jessica Grilli, Olivia Guardiani, Erin Hallyburton, Emma Hamilton, Zainab Hikmet, Stephanie Hosler, IchikawaEdward, Lou Hubbard, Lucy Hughes, Yvette James, Therese Keogh, Tess King, Anna May Kirk, Kaijern Koo, Abbra Kotlarczyk, Jackie De Lacy, Shivanjani Lal, Kirsty Macafee, Holly MacDonald, Georgiy Margvelashvili, Tamara Marrington, Brahmony McCrossin, Tahlia McCuskey, Anna McDermott, Christine McFetridge, Kari Lee McInneny McRae, Lachy McKenzie, Josephine Mead, Madeleine Minack, Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher, Lia Dewey Morgan, Sophie Morrow, Olivia Mròz, Betty Musgrove, Ruth O’Leary, Sanja Pahoki, Katie Paine, Sean Peoples, Anatol Pitt, Lekhena Porter, Chunxiao Qu, Lisa Radford + Sam George, Marko Radosavljevic, Aaron Christopher Rees, Sara Retallick, Steven Rhall, Roberta Rich, Cailtin Royce, Britt Salt, Rachel Schenberg, Jacqui Shelton, Ben Sheppard, Lizzy Simpson, Darcy Smith, Tai Snaith, Jade Spokes, Clare Steele, Molly Rose Stephenson, Leyla Stevens, Dell Stewart, Jacqueline Stojanović, Adam Stone, Lachlan Stonehouse, Masato Takasaka, Camille Thomas, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Henry Trumble, Lesley Turnbull, Hana Vasak, Parkin Vatanajyankur, Leanne Waterhouse, Grace Wood, Benjamin Woods, HeeJoon Youn, Patrick Zaia, Zoë Bastin, Kawita Vatanajyankur