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B-Side Artist Edition Caps

Sanja Pahoki, Jason Phu, Stanislava Pinchuk

13–28 Oct 2021

The 2021 Blindside artist-edition has arrived and is on sale now.

Following the success of the 2020 artist-edition puzzles – by Atong Atem, Matthew Harris and Honey Long & Prue Stent – which sustained us all through lockdown, this year it’s wearable art.

Blindside has commissioned caps designed by Sanja Pahoki, Jason Phu and Stanislava Pinchuk in an edition of 100 each. In 100% cotton with embroidered design, these high quality caps are a stylish, sun-smart choice and an art conversation-starter for your next picnic.

SANJA PAHOKI - sold out
The Answer to All My Problems 2007
"He said that I had a strong life line. I said that was good because I was worried about dying and had a lot of anxiety. He paused and said, ‘do meditation and exercise and you will be alright’."

JASON PHU - sold out
It is nice to give someone a hat. It is also nice to give someone a call, a compliment or some delicious food 2021
"I hope people will buy this hat to help Blindside out and then give the hat to someone they love."

Dada / Data 2021
"This cap is a kind of play between the absurdity of Dada - and exactly 100 years later, the absolute surreality of this age that we’re in, ruled by big data."

Available to purchase at Blindside during gallery opening hours, or contact us via email at info@blindside.org.au to purchase.

Each cap is $55.00 + $10 postage.

Please note: due to the impact of COVID-19, Australia Post is experiencing ongoing delays. Delivery may be a little slower than usual.

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The 2021 Blindside artist-edition, this year it’s wearable art – caps designed by leading artists Sanja Pahoki, Jason Phu and Stanislava Pinchuk