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Jessie Gall, Eye Napping, digital collage. courtesy of the artist.

Eye Napping

Jessie Gall

14–31 Oct 2020

Eye Napping is a series of fermented sound works, field recordings and text that follow a process of decomposition.

The Eyeball

Is a spherical body about 1” in diameter. It is suspended on the front of the orbital cavity and is maintained in position by semi-fluid fat around and behind it and by tension of the extrinsic ocular muscles. The eyeball rotates in the ORBITAL CAVITY, an irregular pyramidal boney structure.


Place your fingers lightly over your closed eyes, and feel their size and spherical quality. As a marble rotates when it moves, allow your eyes to rotate slightly in all directions (side-side, up-down, 4 diagonals, circling) guided gently by your fingers. Release an rigid holding place and allow your eyes to float within their semi-fluid support feel the embracing nurturing mobile quality of the fat.

Ref. Living Anatomy of Viso, Sensing Feeling and Action, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, drawing: Marghe Mills.


find weight
in a place
i am (you are)
enough. to float
pale, lead, focus,
lock eyes
expose the breath
sit harder on the chest,
press into their sternum
release the trapped air
it’s been building up
lock eyes

into the skin
ripple the temples
undulate the spine
take their bones
back to the water
where they were made
draw a fluid boundary
in-between stages
and screens
bulk up
level in
work out
uncovet gaze
that was once worn
on this body

blur it
rods of sweat
hot pads
swelter, fester, rot
bitterness slumping under crumples
sting smear me under
lock eyes
step closer
travel shed
reach, burst, swear
bury, reach

loosen, flex
step over, lookunder
lift anchor hook point
lie down, lock eyes
barely look
blur it (again)
watch the breath
expose it

allow it
split partly

close the lids
seal the frame
see the frame
blur it

Reference list:

  1. Sappho - With His Venom

  2. Orchestra Tuning up Before Concert

  3. Yann Tierson (Amalie) -Comptine d'un Autre Été

  4. Wolf Conservation Centre - Beautiful Wolf Beautiful Howl

  5. “Curiosuty’s First Drill”

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Eye Napping is a series of fermented sound works, field recordings and text that follow a process of decomposition.


the place one lives.,
Leyla Stevens, the place one lives.,, curated by Josephine Mead, installation view at Blindside. Scenes for solace (2020), HD video, stereo sound, 8:28 min. This work was commissioned by Prototype. Courtesy the artist
Online, Exhibition, Publication, Satellite

1 Aug–30 Oct 2020

the place one lives.,

Talia Smith, Leyla Stevens, Miko Revereza, Amrita Hepi

Connecting in the Grey Zone
IE.-BS, Connecting in the Grey Zones, curated by Anador Walsh, installation at Blindside. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Nick James Archer.
Onsite, Exhibition, Emerging Curator

5–20 Dec 2019

Connecting in the Grey Zone

Jess Gall + Rebecca Jensen, Arini Byng, Eugene Choi, Ivey Wawn, Angela Goh, Isabella Hone-Saunders, ie.-bs