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Nicholas Hutcheson, Glacial, 2017, Single channel HD video, 4:20 min. Courtesy the artist.


Nicholas Hutcheson

16 Jan–9 Feb 2019

Since 2008 when I journeyed to Antarctica as an Arts Fellow of the Australian Antarctic Division, I have been exploring ways of representing the deep time embodied in that landscape. Out there, you have a constant awareness of movement and time. Some of it is so slow - gigantic ice sheets flow towards the sea at indiscernible rates - yet you can also watch seawater become ice in a matter of hours, or weather fronts moving across the horizon that rapidly alter the environment. The landscape is defined by this ever-creeping whiteness.

Initially I made drawings. I later experimented with short animations that functioned as time-lapse drawings; a single drawing, repeatedly reworked and re-photographed, frame-by-frame.

Remembering folding an iceberg out of pristine white paper during my voyage south, I began to construct stop-motion animations out of crumpled sheets of paper. These simple forms evoked the juddering lateral movement of ice and led to the 1600 frames of Glacial.

The work is a fast-forwarding of time that seeks to make visible the otherwise imperceptible.

Online, Exhibition, Play

PLAY (2014-2019) was a continuously programmed online gallery that presented single channel video art by national and international artists to audiences throughout Australia and the world.

Glacial is a stop-motion animation that responds to the vastness of Antarctica. It tracks along a single long sheet of paper as it folds, crumples and buckles across the screen – an exploration of the deep time embodied in glaciers and icesheets. The sequence of tension and compression evokes the shifting expanse of ice creating a constant movement between illusion and reality.


Photographic Tunnelling
Emma Hamilton, Photographic Tunnelling, installation at Blindside. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Nick James Archer.
Onsite, Exhibition, Publication

1–18 Jul 2020

Photographic Tunnelling

Emma Hamilton

Dalia Huerta and Ivan Puig + Yandell Walton, Tertulia, installation at Blindside. Artworks from left to right: Dalia Huerta and Ivan Puig, Cåsucka, Short film, video, duration: 11:00mins; Yandell Walton, Submerged, projection installation, duration: continuous loop. Courtesy the artists. Photo: Nick James Archer.
Onsite, Exhibition

1–18 Jul 2020


Dalia Huerta, Julia Barco, Yandell Walton, Ivan Puig, Nasim Nasr, Ximena Cuevas

Onsite, Exhibition

28 Aug–14 Sep 2019


Sara Retallick, Olivia Boyle, Jennifer Lavers

Summer Studio: heat amplifies scent
Summer Studio: heat amplifies scent
Onsite, Exhibition, Residency, Summer Studio

17–19 Jan 2019

Summer Studio: heat amplifies scent

Emma Berry, Viva Hall, Olivia Moriarty

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