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Arini Byng + Aaron Christopher Rees, Live Work (In Progress), 2018, dimensions variable, video still by Aaron Christopher Rees. Courtesy of the artists.

Live Work

Arini Byng, Aaron Christopher Rees

23 Jan–9 Feb 2019

Turning the gallery into an aperture for the mobile gaze, camera operators became actors and actors became framing devices. Live Work considered the transient nature of experience – individual and collective – and the multiple ways our various experiences are recorded, translated, interpreted, described, fragmented and ultimately visualised through form and material.

Byng and Rees live and work in Naarm (Melbourne) on the unceded sovereign land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

Onsite, Exhibition, Publication

Live Work, explored the affective qualities of the screen and performance’s cohabitation through situationational live videography.

Opening: 24 Jan 2019, 7am–9am
Live Session: 24 Jan 2019, 8am

This program takes place on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded - this land is stolen land. We pay respects to Wurundjeri Elders, past, present and emerging, to the Elders from other communities and to any other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who might encounter or participate in the program.


Connecting in the Grey Zone
IE.-BS, Connecting in the Grey Zones, curated by Anador Walsh, installation at Blindside. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Nick James Archer.
Onsite, Exhibition, Emerging Curator

5–20 Dec 2019

Connecting in the Grey Zone

Jess Gall + Rebecca Jensen, Arini Byng, Eugene Choi, Ivey Wawn, Angela Goh, Isabella Hone-Saunders, ie.-bs

Kirsty Macafee, States of matter, 2018. Courtesy the artist.
Onsite, Exhibition

23 Jan–9 Feb 2019


Kirsty Macafee

Nicholas Hutcheson, Glacial, 2017, Single channel HD video, 4:20 min. Courtesy the artist.
Online, Exhibition, Play

16 Jan–9 Feb 2019


Nicholas Hutcheson